Signs Your Senior’s Home Needs to Be Renovated

While seniors may have a need for certain things that they are unable to meet, they rarely seek for support. This is sometimes thought to be due to the way certain adults provide senior home care, which makes the senior feel old, incompetent, and incapable of satisfying their own needs.

Regardless, you must make it a point to observe changes in the areas where you sense your senior requires aid then provide that assistance.

Signs That Show Your Senior’s Home Needs to Be Revamped

Senior Home Care Alexandria, MN: Home Renovations

Most seniors dislike relocating as they become older, therefore they have stayed in the same apartment for a long time. Some seniors hold on to a memory of an event or person from their old homes and are scared of losing it if they move. Others, on the other hand, are afraid of change, uncomfortable in a new environment, or losing friends.

You should not try to force them out for whatever reasons they have for remaining in their residences. However, you can pay attention to the following signs that their homes need to be renovated:

  • Regular Drainage Problems

Mosquitoes breeding in puddles and water that does not drain completely are the most evident signs of poor drainage. You should be aware that clogged drainage promotes water-related diseases, exposing your senior to illnesses such as malaria and lymphatic filariasis.

  • Leaky Roof

Water stains on the ceiling and moisture drip from the roof are signs of a leaking roof. This problem can result in serious danger in the home, such as fire and shock hazards. Water that seeps around open wiring can become electrically charged, causing a shock to anyone who comes into contact with it.

  • Home Appliances Malfunction

Inefficient refrigerators, faulty doorknobs, and no power at an outlet are all strong signals that suggest renovations for your seniors’ home, owing to the outdated condition of the appliances. A malfunctioning appliance can send surges of electricity into the entire home’s electrical system due to connective wiring across appliances, and the resulting damage can be a destructive electrical fire.

  • Broken, Loose And Worn-Out Floor Tiles

A broken, damaged, or loose floor is a telling sign that it needs to be repaired or replaced. This fault puts your senior at risk of slipping, tripping, and falling around the house.

  • Wear and Tear of Wall Painting

Paint peeling off the walls and scuff marks noticeable on the furniture are indicators of wear and tear of a wall painting that occurs over time with normal use of the property. This design fault should be fixed, particularly because a brightly colored room is soothing for seniors. It can increase their energy and appetite while also providing a sense of serenity and relaxation.


It is important to keep a watch out for these signs of damage in your senior’s home so that you can take the appropriate steps to prevent hazards that could injure them.

In this case, one of the ideal ways is to employ senior home care, which can focus solely on your senior and ensure their safety. You can reach out to us right now to learn more about your senior home care options!


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7 Obvious Signs That Your Home Needs Renovation

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