Does Your Senior Parent Need Home Health Care?

Home Health Care in Albany MNSeniors who want to live at home independently may need home health care to help them manage health conditions at home. They also may need home health care if they are recovering from a fall or illness. A home health care provider can help seniors with many tasks that require medical certification and knowledge, like helping seniors manage their medications.

Your senior parent may need home health care for a short time after a hospital stay, or they may need continuing home health care if getting to the doctor’s office for routine medical monitoring is too difficult for them. If your senior parent meets any of these criteria home health care might be right for them:

They Have Chronic Health Conditions

If your senior parent has chronic illnesses, mobility issues, or worsening medical conditions that require ongoing medical attention, home healthcare may be beneficial for them. Skilled nurses can provide assistance with wound care, medication management, physical therapy exercises, and monitoring vital signs to ensure proper recovery and management of health conditions.

They Have Dementia or Cognitive Problems

If your senior parent has dementia, Alzheimer’s or impaired cognition from a head injury home health care may make medical care easier for them. Home healthcare professionals trained in dementia care can monitor their medical conditions, help with recovery or physical therapy, and take care of things like wound care at home so that your senior parent doesn’t need to make a stressful trip to the doctor’s office.

Help With Activities of Daily Living During Recovery

If your senior parent has returned home after a hospitalization due to a fall, a heart attack, or a stroke they may need home health care during their recovery. A certified medical professional is the best person to help your senior parent with tasks like wound care, getting up out of bed or getting dressed, bathing, and getting to the bathroom.

Medication Management

Seniors who have a complex medication regimen may need help from a skilled medical professional to make sure they take their medications correctly. A home health care worker can also watch to make sure your senior parent isn’t suffering from serious side effects. Seniors who have cognitive challenges often need dedicated medication management help from a home health care worker to make sure they take their medications as prescribed.

They Need Rehab

A home health care provider can work with your senior parent during their recovery to make sure they get any rehab services they need. Physical rehabilitation, occupational therapy, and cognitive therapies can all help seniors during their recovery.

Medical Coordination

If your senior parent is seeing several different doctors a home health care provider can be a point of contact and collaboration between those providers to make sure that your senior parent is getting coordinated care. It’s important that things like medications, vital readings, and other medical care concerns are reported accurately and documented so that each doctor has the information they need to provide the best care.

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