Best Summer Foods for Seniors To Eat

Senior Home Care in Little Falls MNSometimes as the weather gets hotter seniors want to eat less and less. That happens and it can be natural for some people. Food is one of the best ways to stay warm in the winter because it helps fuel and heat the body, but when it is already hot outside that may not be the best news for seniors who already have a harder time controlling and regulating their bodies temperature anyways. The best thing a senior can do is focus on eating cooling and refreshing foods this summer. Senior home care can help prepare these foods for your loved one. Your senior loved one will need to eat to continue to fuel their body but it can be much harder to do when they are trying to consume hot meals. Here are some of the best things a senior can eat this summer:

Cold Chicken Salad

Your senior loved one will still need to eat tons of protein during the summer because that is what fuels their bodies, builds muscle, and helps keep them full for longer. This is also a way to ensure a senior is eating enough calories during the day. By eating tons of fresh vegetables and adding in a good-sized portion of chicken they are going to be eating a well-rounded meal and they will be able to maintain a healthy weight this summer instead of losing an unhealthy amount of weight. If your loved one needs help preparing meals in advance this is something that senior home care can help with. Since the chicken is going to be cold on a salad, senior home care can bake this chicken at the beginning of the week and shred it, and store it for salads throughout the week. If everything is baked, chopped, and prepared in advance a senior will be able to create their own salad throughout the week.

Cucumber Feta Salad

Another easy recipe a senior may want to try is a cucumber feta salad. This usually consists of chopped-up cucumber, tomatoes, fetta, and a balsamic dressing with salt and pepper. The nice thing about this salad is that senior home care can prepare everything in advance and even if they want to prepare it fresh for a senior to enjoy it can be made in just a few moments. If your senior loved one is worried about getting enough protein they can add beans or kale to this recipe too!

Cold Turkey Wraps

Seniors may enjoy a wrap with chicken or turkey. You can add ranch, bacon, and avocado to make it filling and ensure it has a lot of nutrients in it. Avocado is filled with healthy fats and chicken and turkey tend to be low-calorie protein options that are healthier for your loved one than other sources of meat. These can easily be prepared at the beginning of the week and senior home care can make one for every day of the week. This can be a great snack or lunch, this is something a senior may even like to eat with a salad or some type of cold soup.

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