Enjoy Time Outside by Preparing for Insect Pests Now

It’s warming up, and your parents are eager to get outside more. Fresh air and sunshine do help boost the mood and can even help the immune system. It also brings out some of the spring and summer insect pests.

Before you and your parents spend time outside gardening or relaxing on the deck or patio, consider the insects that can pose a threat. Lyme disease and West Nile are two of the more common ones.

Ticks and mosquitoes can spread diseases that can worsen your parents’ health. Biting flies, ants, hornets, and wasps can make the outside less appealing. Take preventative measures to keep them away this summer.

Drain Areas With Stagnant Water

Elderly Care Osakis, MN: Preparing for Insects

Rain barrels, wet leaves in a gutter, and puddles that don’t drain all create breeding grounds for mosquitoes. If your parents have rain barrels for watering the garden, keep them covered. You could also add a couple of goldfish to help eat any mosquito larva that develops.

Clean out gutters to ensure there are no wet leaves built up for mosquitoes looking for a damp place to lay eggs. If you have puddles in low-lying areas that don’t drain well, fill them in with topsoil and crushed stone or dig a small channel to help the water drain.

Mosquitoes also like to lay eggs in the bottom watering tray of a planter pot. Make sure to drain those after heavy rain. Don’t over water plants.

Keep the Grass Cut

Don’t let the grass grow up near the house. Longer grass in fields is an excellent place to get ticks. In areas where your parents often spend time, make sure the grass is mowed regularly.

You can also sprinkle diatomaceous earth in the areas they frequent. The fine powder shreds the exoskeleton of many insects, which kills them. It will also help with pests like squash bugs, cucumber beetles, and rose chafers.

Catch Wasps and Hornets Nests Before They Grow

Watch for hornet and wasp activity in areas they’re more likely to nest. They try to keep nests out of the rain, so they’ll look for eaves, under a deck, or in leafy trees.

When you spot nests, remove them when they’re still small. Many hornet and wasp sprays use a foaming product with a range of upwards of 20 feet, so they’re easy to apply.

Other Outdoor Safety Tips

Make sure your parents know how much time to spend outside in the sun and heat. They need to put on sunscreen before heading out. A wide-brimmed hat keeps their ears and face from burning. They also need to protect their arms and legs from sunburns.

If they’re likely to forget or lose track of time, hire elderly care aides to offer reminders. Caregivers from an elderly care agency help with summer safety by making sure your parents stay hydrated, seek shade often, and come inside when they’ve been out too long. Make arrangements by calling a representative.

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Lainie Berg