Home Care Tips for Senior Outdoor Safety

Senior Outdoor Safety: Home Care Long Prairie MN

Senior Outdoor Safety: Home Care Long Prairie MN

Spring is here, and for your dad, that means he heads outside for as long as he possibly can. While you love seeing him more active, you worry about him being outside for hours. Warm weather doesn’t negate the importance of safety when he’s outside. His home care provider can also help him stay safe under the sun.

Sunscreen and a Hat Are Must-Haves

Before your dad goes outside, he needs to apply sunscreen. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 35 or higher is best. If he’s outside for over two hours, he has to reapply it. If he goes swimming or sweats profusely, he needs to reapply it as soon as he dries off.

A wide-brimmed hat protects his face from the sun’s rays. He should also have sunglasses that protect his eyes from the sun.

Take Breaks

Have an area in the shade where your dad can take breaks. He should sit down for a few minutes. It’s a good time for him to snack on a piece of fruit and have a glass of water. If he gets bored while sitting, have a book of crossword puzzles or a book to read for half an hour or so.

Use Bug Repellent

Some insects are dangerous. Even in northern climates, deer ticks spread illnesses like Lyme disease that can greatly impact your dad’s health. He needs to use bug repellent and dress to avoid bug bites.

When he’s gardening, make sure he wears gloves. If he’s pruning tree branches or clearing branches that snapped off on a windy evening, he needs to look for hornet and wasp nests before cutting anything.

Make Sure He Drinks Water

Your dad should drink a small glass of water each hour. If he’d rather bring out a refillable water bottle, that’s a good option. Add some ice to ensure it starts cold and stays that way all afternoon.

If he’s not a big water drinker, unsweetened iced tea, seltzer, or lemonade are other options. Try to make the lemonade with as little sugar as possible. Sometimes, flavoring the water with crushed mint, lemon slices, lime slices, or frozen berries is all it takes.

Know His Limits

Your dad needs to know his limits. While he may want to go move the wheelbarrow to his compost heap on his own, if he’s fallen attempting it in the past, he needs to let someone else help. If he has to sit down while weeding instead of bending over, he should sit down on a garden seat or knee pad with handles to make it easy to get back up.

Have Someone Help Him

Instead of having him spend time outside alone, arrange to have someone spend time with him. He can have a caregiver or family member help him out when he’s spending time outside.

Home care aides help your dad stay safe as he spends more time outside. Talk to a home care agency about companionship services and skin care options that keep your dad from dehydration, overheating, and sunburns.

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