Why Seniors Should Focus on Eating Vegetables This Year

Elder Care in Osakis MNIt’s the time of year when things come to an end and the new year begins. If your loved one is trying to find new health-oriented goals, diet is one of the best things to focus on. Now, this doesn’t mean your elderly mom or dad should be focused on a fad diet, but rather a diet focused on eating well-rounded throughout the day so they get the nutrition their bodies need. It’s time to get your loved one to focus on eating more vegetables this year. Here are all of the reasons seniors should be eating more vegetables even when they think it doesn’t matter.

Help Seniors Maintain Weight

No matter how old or young you are, depending on your height will determine what a healthy weight for you is. You should always strive to be in that healthy range, even as a senior who is aging in place. It may seem pointless, but ensuring you are not over or underweight will be crucial when you want to remain as independent as possible. When you are overweight, it can impact how much you can do alone and how well you can thrive. On the other hand, by being underweight, things become a lot harder, like warming yourself up, getting out of bed, and being motivated to do things. Everything you once did becomes so hard to do.

By eating more vegetables, you can add in calories, ensuring you are eating enough for your weight to be level. You can find lower calorie options so you can eat more while losing the weight needed to be healthy. These are versatile, and that is why it is a great New Year goal to have for seniors. They are filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that your body needs to thrive as it ages. If you need help cooking these foods, it’s time to look for elder care to help you at home. Elder care professionals can also help you track how many calories you’re eating and what percentage is filled with vegetables.

Help Prevent Diseases

Because vegetables are filled with different vitamins and minerals, they can also help prevent diseases. Another thing to note is because they are great for maintaining weight, you will have fewer issues to worry about in that area as well. Eating more vegetables will reduce the risk of heart disease, strokes, and high blood pressure. They can even lower your risk of cancer. All of these are things that many seniors have to focus on anyway, so you might as well add some delicious vegetables to each meal!


Eating more vegetables allows your body to receive different forms of vitamins and minerals. If you think you are missing certain nutrients, you should always go to your doctor to get bloodwork done. They will help you run tests to see what vitamins and minerals you need. When you discover what your body is missing, you can find the fruits and vegetables needed to boost those levels!

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Lainie Berg