Easy Ways to Help a Senior Calm Their Mind During Stressful Situations

Elder Care in Parkers Prairie MNJust because a senior lives on their own and they’re retired doesn’t mean they won’t face stressful events in life. Most of life involves unexpected twists and turns that your senior will have to face. If they are living alone they may need more help to limit the stress they feel. Elder care can help a senior maintain their households, develop strong routines, and thrive while they age in place. Seniors may have a supportive family but they may not want to worry about their adult children or family members so they bottle that stress up. Chronic stress should be avoided but sometimes life just happens. A senior may become overwhelmed during stressful times and elder care may need to help calm them down. Here are some of the best ways to keep a calm mind during super stressful events.

Learn to Have Self-Compassion

It’s important to treat yourself kindly during stress, and this is a habit that not many seniors have. Elder care can help encourage self-kindness by treating your loved one nicely and reminding them to do the same for themselves. But this is going to be something your loved one practices by themselves and daily. They will need to shape the way they view themselves and work on telling themselves that it is okay to have feelings and that it is okay to be stressed. Allowing themselves to feel without judgment is going to be crucial. The kinder someone is to themselves the easier it can be to calm their minds during stressful situations.

Let Family in and Stay Connected

As a senior faces stressful times, they tend to keep it in. They don’t want people to worry about them and they don’t want to become a burden. However, it is healthy for everyone to share their feelings and let others in. Connection is a huge part of aging in place and when a senior feels stressed out they may need someone to talk to. Elder care is someone to talk to but having a social network is going to be crucial while aging in place. Your loved one should have someone to talk to and share with. Talking openly can help ease a stressful situation and they may see a different side of things when they’ve calmed down.

Write Out Your Feelings

Sometimes a senior may be so stressed they aren’t ready to talk about their feelings out loud. It is okay to need space for something. Instead of talking about it, a senior should try writing about it. They may find that it is like a “brain dump” where they take everything that is bothering them and let it out in one space. They can choose to keep this paper or throw it away. Sometimes the physical act of getting something out and throwing it away can feel like throwing out the stress which can be really healthy for an elderly person.

Go Outside to Cool Off

One of the best ways to work through stress and burning off any extra energy that could make a senior feel more anxious is by getting outside. If they have a yard this is a good time to walk around the yard for a little while. Even just sitting outside and watching nature can help your loved one calm their mind.

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Lainie Berg