Will Chemo Affect a Senior’s Sleep?

Chemotherapy is one of the scariest things your senior may face when diagnosed with cancer. It is important to remember this is not a death sentence. Many seniors go through chemo and many lives. If your parents or loved one gets a diagnosis, it is important to be supportive, give love, and encourage healthy habits. If your senior chooses to age in place, setting up home care assistance during this process will be important. Chemo affects all patients differently, and they will have various schedules to stick to.

Some chemotherapy treatments last for a few minutes a few times a week, while others are set up one to two times a week for several hours. Home care assistance can help drive them to each appointment and may sit with the senior depending on the hospital or treatment center they attend.

Cancer can affect a seniors sleeping habits, but so can chemo treatments. Home care assistance can help a senior going through chemo find better ways to sleep and may be able to help them stick with an overall routine that will help their treatments run smoother. Home care assistance can be there when the family can’t, and it ensures that the senior has some to trust to rely on.

How Does Chemo Affect Sleep?

Home Care Assistance in Long Prairie, MN: Chemo and Sleep

Many people who go through cancer will have some kind of sleeping problems. They may need to nap more because of excess fatigue, or they may have insomnia for many different reasons. Sleeping properly will be so important during chemo treatments. Sleeping can affect mental and physical health and these are two things that should be someone’s priority during a chemo treatment.

How to Help Cancer Patients With Sleeping Problems

You’re worried about your parents or loved one and they haven’t been sleeping well. Home care assistance will be able to help them stay on a routine that could help them fall asleep easier. However, home care assistance will also need to be flexible. A patient may have a hard time falling asleep because of stress or anxiety. On the other hand, they may need extra sleep because chemo can cause major fatigue. The seniors’ sleeping routines may change during chemo. Here are some other ways to help cancer patients with sleeping.

Talk To a Doctor

There are other side effects of chemo that may make it hard to sleep. Getting treatment for these side effects may make a person more comfortable to sleep. Home care assistance can encourage a senior to talk to their doctors about any side effects from the chemo. It will be imperative to keep the communication with doctors open.

CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This is the type of therapy that aims to improve mental health by breaking bad habits or changing the negative thoughts. During chemo it can be easy to think negatively which may impact your mood and limit the amount of sleep you get.

Bedtime Habits and Routines

Creating a routine is an essential part of life. This helps train the body to learn when it is time to shut off and relax for the night.

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