Monthly Support Group at Alternative Senior Care

We have some exciting news coming to Sauk Centre, Dementia Community Action Network of St. Cloud is coming to do a monthly support group held at Alternative Senior Care on the 1st Tuesday of every month beginning in August for anyone in our community who is caring for a loved one with any form of Dementia. We are also hosting upcoming family caregiver coaching and workshops for anyone in our community.


Dementia Community Action Network and our supporting partners are on a mission to improve access to quality dementia care in Central Minnesota. We believe that collaborating with a patient, their family and their dementia clinician can slow progression of dementia symptoms leading to more life to live. We start with a thorough dementia risk assessment and evaluation in our office, then formulate a diagnosis and management plan. A patient’s referring primary care or specialty clinician remains in charge of their care, but we partner with them to provide a more thorough and successful management. Through personalized recommendations for diet, exercise, sleep, relaxation, personal connection, health habits, and therapeutics can be effective in slowing progression.


The Facilitator, Cristina, has worked and advocated for those living with dementia and their care partners for over 20 years in care planning, socialization, education, and consulting. She is a Certified Dementia Practitioner, and a Certified Validation Associate, as well as a Dementia Champion of Minnesota. She was involved for over 10 years with the local Alzheimer’s Association, the Co-chair for the St. Cloud Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s for two years.


Cristina Joined the Dementia Resource Center Clinic in September of 2022, volunteering with D-CAN for a few years prior to joining their team. Over the span of her career Cristina has sat on many local Alzheimer’s and dementia related community boards, professionally presented on dementia topics, and taught many throughout the state of Minnesota more about Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. She has a personal connection with dementia, as a current professional caregiver and family caregiver for her grandmother that is living with Alzheimer’s Disease.


Support Group and Caregiver Coaching will be held at Alternative Senior Care 418 10th Street S. Sauk Centre

For more information, please contact Lainie or Paula of Alternative Senior Care at 320-352-3350.

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