How Often Should Your Dad’s Hearing Be Tested?

The National Institute of Health estimates that people over the age of 75 have a 50 percent chance of suffering from hearing loss. Hearing loss can impact your dad’s mood. It makes it hard for him to hear sirens and horns when he’s driving. 

How often should your dad’s hearing be tested? Many doctors overlook this important test as a routine part of a yearly exam. Here’s what you should know. 

Pay Attention to His Hearing When You See Him

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You can pay attention to your dad’s hearing on your own. If you’re having a family dinner, does he seem to have a hard time following the conversation? If someone is talking at a low volume, can he hear them? Does he become frustrated and ask people to repeat themselves? Those can be signs that hearing loss is a possibility. 

Set the volume to a reasonable level. Ask your dad if he can hear it. If he is struggling to hear the show and you’re not having problems, he could be dealing with some level of hearing loss. 

Ask your dad to take a hearing test with you every few months. You’ll find these tests online. It’s not the same as seeing a professional, but it can help you decide if your dad should see a doctor. 


How Often Should He Be Tested 

Your dad should have his hearing tested every three to five years if he isn’t having a hard time hearing. After the age of 60, he should increase it to every year. If he rode a motorcycle, worked around loud machinery, or frequented loud events like concerts, he may need to go more often than that. 

Losing his hearing doesn’t have to mean he has to stop doing the things he loves. With a hearing aid, he’ll still be able to hear most of the sounds around him. This will depend on the level of hearing loss. Sometimes, surgery can help. Ear drops to clear away excess wax are also helpful. 

If your dad’s hearing is going, he may not be able to drive. You’ll be helping out with his transportation needs, which can impact your personal time. If he needs to get to appointments, stores, and other area locations is making it hard to work or have time to yourself, home care can help. 

Home care aides can drive him to stores, run errands for him, or take him to area senior centers. Caregivers can drive him to his appointments and bring him back home. Call to learn more about home care services and pricing. 


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Lainie Berg