Alternative Senior Care Supports Our Clients

Innovation is one of our core values. Alternative Senior Care is always exploring ways to best support our clients and learn about other companies with the common goal to enrich the lives of Central Minnesota Seniors. We have partnered with many of the Hospice Agencies in Central Minnesota, and Wednesday we met with Moments Hospice. Rachael Wenner and Witney Willard, Moments Hospice Care Consultants accompanied Senior Vice President of Sales, Kim Baldwin to host a lunch with our office team to demonstrate ” Namaste Care”. Namaste Care uses person-centered approaches to improve quality of life through meaningful sensory activities that stimulate the senses, promote relaxation, and offer comfort and serenity. Although specifically designed for people with advanced dementia, the sensory approaches used in Namaste Care enhance the lives of people with other diseases, as well as providing moments of peace and tranquility to family caregivers. This is just one of the many unique programs offered by Moments Hospice. Working with our community to better the lives of Seniors and Veterans is so vital. We are blessed to come along side all of the Hospice agencies, like Moments, to best support our clients who receive Hospice services.

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