Alternative Senior Care Ensures 99th Birthday Celebration

Celebrating 99 years of life is mandatory, even during the COVID 19 pandemic!  Thanks to ASC personal assistant LuWanna, our client Edna was made to feel special on her 99th birthday.

Edna has been a client since October 2018 and LuWanna her caregiver most of that time. It’s unfortunate but, most facilities are limiting visitors (including family) during the COVID crisis. LuWanna’s compassion for her clients would not allow Edna’s special day to pass without celebration. With birthday cakes in short supply at the bakery, Edna received a birthday “doughnut” and a bunch of flowers from the team at Alternative Senior Care.

Thanks to LuWanna for exemplifying the ASC Way… “Motivated by compassion, I put the client’s best interest first. I am a team player who is part of the solution in meeting the scheduling needs of our clients and show support to my coworkers through my actions and communication. I am professional in my appearance, language, and attitude. I make ethical decisions and uphold professional boundary standards. You can trust I will get the job done and done with excellence”

Happy birthday Edna! CHEERS!

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