Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter are times when many families plan to gather for several hours. The pandemic is making it difficult. Some areas have asked families not to gather this year. Others have limits on how many people and households can get together. 
Your family loves to gather for the holidays. You still want to gather with your parents, brothers and sisters, and all of the grandchildren. It may be okay if people are healthy, but it will vary. Before you make plans, ask these six questions. 
What Are the Current Rules on Gatherings?

Home Care Parkers Prairie, MN: Planning Family Holiday Gatherings

Find out what the state rules on gatherings are. It’s okay in some areas but not in others. Follow the guidelines. While it’s frustrating to not get to gather, it’s going to keep your parents safer. 
How Do Your Parents Feel? 
It’s very important to ask your parents how they feel. They may be scared and not certain they want to risk it. If so, do as they request. Don’t push the issue if they’re not comfortable having others over or going to someone else’s house. 
Does Anyone Have Chronic Health Conditions? 
People with chronic health conditions are at a higher risk of severe symptoms. If anyone in the group has a chronic health condition like diabetes, heart disease, or asthma, they should stay home. If your parents do, postpone all plans and aim for a virtual get-together instead. 
Is the Climate Warm Enough for Outdoor, Spaced Gatherings? 
Are spaced gatherings acceptable? If you’re outside and seated away from others, it may be okay to hold an outdoor meal. It has to be warm enough in your area or you need to put in heaters or have a fire pit where people can warm up. Make sure spacing is at least six feet. 
Would Taking Turns Be Better? 
If you cannot all gather this year, you could pair off. In some states, the rule is people in two households can get together. You could visit your sister and your brother could visit your parents. Next time, you could swap places as long as people self-quarantine for at least two weeks before visiting a new household. 
What Are Good Alternatives? 
What can your family do in place of a gathering? Are you all equipped with computers, tablets, or phones? If so, a video chat is one way to “gather” without actually being in the same room. If not, you could engage over the phone in a conference call. 
Go online and set up a private game room in Scribblio. You can meet up online at a set time and play this online version of Pictionary together. Many other online and video games work like that. Enjoy chatting and playing games together even though you’re in different houses. 
It’s safer to not gather until the spread of the virus decreases. If you can’t visit this year, your parents don’t have to be alone. Hire home care aides to stop by, see how they’re doing, cook their meals, and help with other daily tasks. Call a home care specialist to make arrangements. 


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