A proper diet is a key component in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially for your senior. By providing your senior with certain tips and guides, you will be doing a bigger part in ensuring their nutritional needs are met than you may realize. Also, if you have the time to spare or if they have an aid in senior care that goes with or does their shopping for them, you can put a lot of these tips to even more use.  

Hydration: Proper hydration is extremely important in the health of anyone, especially your senior. Hydration aids in digestion, circulation, restful

Senior Care Holdingford, MN: Nutrition And Your Senior

sleep, and even a youthful appearance. If your senior has difficulty remembering when or how much to drink in order to stay hydrated, an aid, alarms, or even a smart watch that sends reminders can be excellent options to assist your senior with their hydration.  

Meal Planning: If you are worried that your senior may not be consuming the appropriate amounts of nutrients that they need, meal planning can be a huge help. By gathering everything that is needed for a specific meal together for each day of the week and placing these items where they are easily visible for either your senior or their senior care aid help with meal preparation, you are providing an easy go to for meal preparation and proper nutrition for your senior.  

Variety: Your senior should be consuming a wide variety of items in order to have a balanced diet. Meats, vegetables, grain, dairy, and fruits are all important steps in the food pyramid and should be consumed daily and in appropriate portions. An easy way to make meal preparation fun and easy for you and your senior is to remember to “eat the rainbow”. By providing more colorful options on your plate, you are providing a more visually appealing meal that is more likely to be consumed in entirety.  

Supplements: While you want to do everything possible to ensure that your senior is consuming all their vital nutrients and vitamins, sometimes a little assistance is required. Talking with your senior and their health care provider about a possible daily supplement can ensure that your senior is getting everything they need even if they aren’t eating the best every now and then and can greatly reduce your worry. As with many seniors, your senior may have difficulty remembering to take their supplements so be sure to update their senior care aid with any new information.  

By utilizing certain tricks, contacting and acquiring senior careand having open and honest conversations with your senior about their health and eating habits, you are opening the door to a more appropriate dietary consumption for your senior, ultimately assisting with their overall health and well-being.


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