Family caregiving usually involves many responsibilities. You may have to help your elderly loved one with bathing, meal preparation, medications, exercising, eating, and much more. This can be a huge toll on your own mental and physical health. There are some other things that can take a toll on you when it comes to family caregiving responsibilities, as well. Knowing more about these difficulties can help you to plan. For instance, you may want to hire elderly care providers to handle some of these responsibilities.  

Use of Oxygen Concentrators

Elderly Care Osakis, MN: Family Caregiving

If your elderly loved one has to use an oxygen concentrator, this can be tough on them and on you, especially when they first starting using it. These tanks are usually bulky. They can be tough to move around. They can also limit the amount that your elderly loved one is able to move around. However, it is very important that your elderly loved one uses their O2. If this is something your elderly loved one needs, you can hire elderly care providers to assist them. The elderly care providers can help your loved one move around their O2 machine and use it, as well.  


Another responsibility of being a family caregiver is transportation. Now that your elderly loved one isn’t driving, they will need help getting around. You might be stuck taking them to their friend’s house, going to visit other family members, going to appointments, going to the store, and taking them to other places, too. If this is too much for you, you can always get elderly care providers to take your loved one places.  


If your elderly loved one can no longer cook on their own, they may need help with this, as well. Many elderly people can’t safely use a stove due to the risk of burning themselves or forgetting to turn off the burner. In addition, some elderly people can’t use knives because of arthritis or other painful conditions. If this is the case for your elderly loved one, they may need you to help with prepping or even making their meals. This is something that elderly care providers can help with, too.  


These are some of the tips for easing the load of family caregiving responsibilities. Taking care of any elderly loved one can be tough. However, if you are dealing with these problems when caring for your elderly loved one, elderly care providers can be there to help.  


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