This week we had fun treating the staff to lunch with walking tacos and a refreshment! We loved seeing the smiling faces as they stopped in for a taco and a hug for the job well done. We appreciate the hard work our caregivers and nurses do each day. We are also having an item drive for activity boxes. Many staff contributed items and brought them in to the office. If anyone is interested, you can donate items on this list . Call our office and ask for Beth or Laura for details.

  • Spare fabric – bright and colorful
  • Ribbon (on the roll)
  • Costume Jewelry/Ring Boxes
  • Baby Clothing
  • Socks – bright and colorful
  • Yarn – bright and colorful
  • Small – medium size bins or baskets
  • Buttons
  • Travel/Country/Specific City related items; postcards, souvenirs
  • Vintage magazines/articles/books
  • Water colors/canvas/paint brushes/air dry clay
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